Birkenau (Demo) - Jennifer Rae Ochs

Birkenau (Demo)

In March 1941 a much larger camp at Birkenau (a.k.a. Auschwitz II) was started, 2 miles from Auschwitz I, in the town of Oswiecim, Poland. The Nazis brought in people, overwhemingly Jews, from all over Europe. The gas chambers had the capacity to kill thousands daily, which started working ceaselessly in 1942. Trains drew up to the ramp where people would be herded out for selection for extermination, forced labor or medical experiments. The Birkenau Camp has been preserved as a memorial and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Poland is a beautiful country. I admire the strength and vitality of the Polish people, who have evolved beyond and continue to push forward with grace. My sincerest appreciation to Marzenna, my Polish-American art collector, who enabled this experience.