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Custom Artwork by JRO, Palm Desert California

Collector Love Letters by JRO | Palm Desert, California

Years ago, I was exhibiting in the California Desert, and this cool couple wandered in for a fun conversation. They had just relocated from New York State to Palm Desert, California.

They acquired some small works at that time. As the years rolled on, I would see them, at various festivals. We discussed life, art, politics, travel, and got caught up on their transition to the West Coast, plus their new home projects. Recently, with a sparkle in her eye, she suggested their Master Bedroom may be getting close for something spectacular.

Believe me, such statements, I never forget 🙂 I have a memory, like an elephant.

Throughout our various conversations, I had an idea of what they were creating in the Master Bedroom, so this past January, I had completed a new piece, and felt they should see it. I invited them to a show, that particular piece was not the right fit, but this meeting led to a scheduled home visit. Once inside their home, it all became clear. We quickly agreed upon the Master Bedroom vision, and off I went into the studio, where the magic happens…

She resonated deeply with several of my collections of work.

Can you combine them?

The goal became, create a masterpiece with Silver, Brass, and Pearl Whites. Keep it calm (gray/whites), but bring in some warmth with brass. Cool, calm, and collected, this outrageously striking piece further defined, and completed their Master Suite.

Full disclosure, when I stated above, “cool couple”, bottom line, they are SO COOL, I just wanted to hang with them, create a statement piece, as groovy and modern, as they are…

Thank you J & J.


Each custom project is an honor, a new experimental adventure to shake things up with renewed intention to create one of a kind uniqueness in harmony with the collector’s environment, bringing forth the Spirit of the Space. – Jennifer Rae Ochs
Art Consulting
JRO ART is excited to invite existing and new collectors the opportunity to collaborate with JRO to curate your personal or work space. JRO will visit, present a myriad of original works and or collaborate on the creation of custom commissions to beautifully curate your environment. JRO will have physical pieces to present and a portfolio of existing available works, in home or virtual.
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