The Copper Series | JRO ART

Recently Installed in Los Angeles! I received a call from a collector, who had just relocated back to Los Angeles.
He asked me to jump onto my website; while describing his new home, color schemes, design plans, and recent acquisitions. The conversation quickly focused on The Master Bedroom. He explained his new lighting, linen color, and furniture. At which point, I declared, “I just completed a gorgeous, Copper Series, no one’s seen it yet, based on wall dimension, a 36×60 would be ideal, I’ll send you a short video.”
He responds, “I have been admiring The Copper Series, when can you deliver?”
We installed, and enjoyed a lovely outdoor dinner, catching up on life.
I Love my Collectors!

Each custom project is an honor, a new experimental adventure to shake things up with renewed intention to create one of a kind uniqueness in harmony with the collector’s environment, bringing forth the Spirit of the Space. – Jennifer Rae Ochs

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