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Forever Art for Your Forever Home

This “JRO Custom Commission” story begins with a text…

“Hey Jennifer, do you have any pieces for us, we purchased our forever home.”

After a spirited 90 minute consulting call, the enthusiasm was off the hook,

“this is going to be rock and roll fun.”

Inspiration for this Dining Room Statement Piece began with the convergence of the recent remodel, while playing off the gorgeous wood accents. This custom piece embodies; epically sculpted mixed-media texture, various golds, whites, metal monochromatic, with sprinkled, juiced up, rock-n-roll glam, while delivering an ambient, timeless and elegant, “forever art for your forever home”.

On a personal note, another burst of inspiration came direct from the collaboration with this joyful, dynamic, husband and wife team.

Collector Testimonial

Thanks for making this experience fun, we love it, it’s perfect.

Not our last, already discussing our next piece.

I seriously can’t stop staring at it.

– Forest Lake, Minnesota

Forever Art for Forever Home – Artist Jennifer Rae Ochs from Jennifer Rae Ochs on Vimeo.

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