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The Jet Set Launch Videos

The Jet Set Collection, Los Angeles by JRO ART

Inspired by a sleek fusion of black and metallic elements, blending glamour and sophistication, this collection embodies the desire for freedom, adventure, and aspirational experiences. Dedicated to the three major cities I adore: Los Angeles, Paris, and Seoul.


Los Angeles holds a special place in my heart as my cherished second home. When I made the move in 2000 with the goal of establishing my art enterprise, I was uncertain about the what, if, and how of it all. Nevertheless, being surrounded by fellow creatives and dreamers from diverse corners of the world served as a profound source of inspiration and motivation. Los Angeles, to me, is an aspirational haven. The city radiates cultural diversity, opportunities and innovation, and you can sense this vibrant energy in the air. In LA, dreams aren’t merely pursued; they are lived, celebrated, and continually reinvented. While the city boasts year-round sunshine, picturesque coastlines, majestic mountains, expansive deserts, lush forests, and beautiful farmlands, creating a lively, yet laid-back lifestyle, it also exudes urban sophistication, a thriving arts scene, global cuisine, and a rich cultural tapestry. It serves as a melting pot where creativity knows no bounds, offering perpetual exploration, and endless surprises. Los Angeles has captured my heart, standing as my most beloved city, and has brought me both personal and professional fulfillment. It’s here that I’ve been able to turn my artistic dreams into reality, plus, it feels like residing inside a permanent vacation, just saying …


The City of Lights, where do I begin? I visited Paris once and fell so deeply in love that I found myself returning for six consecutive years. Each time, I harbored the intention of exploring beyond the city limits, but Paris’s allure kept me within its enchanting embrace. The iconic landmarks, charming streets, and timeless ambiance captivated me. Paris is more than a destination; it’s a living masterpiece, a global hub of architecture, culture and fashion, steeped with history and artistic richness, not to mention its culinary excellence. For me, Paris embodies passion and poise, a place that profoundly altered my perspective and life. Selecting a single word to characterize Paris, I would choose “magnificent.”


Seoul, a pulsating metropolis and the epitome of modernity, seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with rich cultural heritage, forming a distinctive weave that harmoniously fuses contemporary and traditional elements. My love for the city, country, and its people deepened over six or so trips, and I found my very own “Korean family” whose love and generous hospitality amazed me, all the while, catapulting my art career onto the international stage, with museum exhibits, gallery representation, collaborations etc. Seoul, to me, is like a dream – a place where the people wholeheartedly embrace creative expression, the youth exude a remarkable sense of coolness, I used to stroll the streets at night solely to immerse myself in the vibrancy of the youth. Each trip I revisited the DMZ and Joint Security areas, each time, it propelled my curiosity, satisfied and fueled my fierce desires for understanding, and provided valuable perspectives on complex histories. The city’s unmatched offerings in food, fashion, art, and nightlife make it an extraordinary experience, complemented by the lush mountains and parks that surround it. Seoul has soul.

Where did The Jet Set Collection begin?

The Jet Set Collection by JRO ART




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