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JRO ART X Omni Los Angeles

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Artist Jennifer Rae Ochs Presents Stunning Art Exhibit at Omni Los Angeles Hotel


Los Angeles, CA – June 2024 – Renowned contemporary artist Jennifer Rae Ochs is proud to announce the installation of her latest art collections at the Omni Los Angeles Hotel at California Plaza. The installation features seven large-scale, mixed media paintings, each composed of hundreds of sculptural layers, offering a unique three-dimensional and light-interactive experience. This anticipated collaboration introduces a new level of artistic expression to the hotel’s third-floor corridor.

JRO ART bears witness to the world and herself, and renders the complexity of both in vibrant abstraction. A celebrator of life, JRO illustrates her story with color and texture, her body of work is a wild confessional tethered by the truth of her experience and the discipline of her craft. JRO ART creates a visual story, grounded in reality and spirited by possibility.

Ochs, who has an extensive background in the hotel industry, is thrilled to merge her past with the present: JRO’s one-of-a-kind artwork gracing the interiors of stunning hotels. Her previous work within the hotel world has given her a unique global design perspective on creating environments that are both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally engaging. This fusion of luxury hospitality and innovative contemporary art illuminates her love to transform and curate spaces into dynamic, sensory-rich experiences, blending aesthetic beauty with immersive engagement.

“This collaboration with Omni Los Angeles represents a significant moment,” said Jennifer Rae Ochs. “These dynamic creative partnerships bring great excitement, allowing my creations to be enjoyed in a space that values beauty and unique, enriching experiences. They offer world travelers an artful moment while visiting our vibrant city.”

Guests and visitors are encouraged to visit the exhibit and experience the dynamic interplay of light and texture that defines Ochs’ work. Each painting is designed to not only be visually striking but also to provoke thought and evoke emotion through its complex, layered composition.

For more information about Jennifer Rae Ochs and her artwork, please visit To experience the exhibit, visit the Omni Los Angeles, located at 251 S. Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

About Jennifer Rae Ochs: Jennifer Rae Ochs is an acclaimed international artist known for her innovative and stylized use of mixed media, creating various timeless and elegant art collections with expertise in statement art, custom-commissioned, one-of-a-kind, site-specific paintings that are exhibited and collected globally, and found in private and corporate collections. For a consultation, contact JRO ART directly.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Rae Ochs, JRO ART & Design Studio

Art Installation Video

Let’s take a closer look … Art Installation


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