Liaison by JRO_Project Shoe Dazzle. Recent corporate commission project, in collaboration with Shoe Dazzle and Architect/Designer, J Marx Atelier. (Demo)

Jessica Marx is fantastic! She clearly communicated her needs and overall vision. After a few entertaining phone conversations, a number of emails consisting of mood boards & inspiration, we met at the Shoe Dazzle Design Studio for a walk through…a few weeks later, I created the Art Wall. As an artist, this has been a pink dream come true. A pink jeep would have properly accessorized this creative journey… Jess designed a lovely space, a true creative environment for the talented Shoe Dazzle designers! Below are images of the Shoe Dazzle Design Studio entrance, and the original JRO Art Wall. More to come…as I have installed 4 pieces of original artwork into the Design Studio.

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