The Full Moon Petra Journey (Demo) - Jennifer Rae Ochs

The Full Moon Petra Journey (Demo)

The Full Moon-Petra, Jordan

The timing was perfection, driving into the small tourist town of Petra, zig-zagging thru the unique mountain ranges (Kings Highway), at sunset, while the full moon dangled beside me… the dusk sun and full moon mirrored one another in the sky.  This moment was one that could not have been planned, and yet, there I was, resting in the back seat of the rental car, completely astounded by the beauty surrounding..the vision was so great! The rock formations, textures, colors and unique “feel” of the environment, all a preamble for what was next, a historic mind-bender…the following photos are snaps-in-time, celebrated moments of Petra, but more importantly, a celebration of the many wonderful Jordanians I met along the way, and how their spirit truly impacted my experience. The highlight of my time in Petra was receiving the generous invitation, from a young man, to join his family for a traditional meal, in the comfort of their home, when worlds collide, the process of understanding begins…many thanks to all, you know who you are…i find beautiful.