The Marlena Dress - Where Art and Fashion Mix (Demo) - Jennifer Rae Ochs

The Marlena Dress – Where Art and Fashion Mix (Demo)

The Marlena Dress – Where Art and Fashion Mix

August 3, 2012  By 2 Comments
Have you ever seen a painting or maybe a room in someone’s home and thought ‘That would make a great outfit?’  No? Maybe? I’ve taken cues from home design color schemes before when it comes to putting together an outfit. For example, grey and yellow seems to be a popular design mix at the moment when it comes to master bedrooms. But those colors also make one gorgeous outfit.

When ShoeDazzle Senior Design Director Alejandro Blanco saw Los Angeles based Jennifer Rae Och’s “Verdant” painting, he thought ‘wouldn’t that make a beautiful dress?‘ He was spot on. It did indeed make one beautiful dress.

The Marlena Dress from Madison by ShoeDazzle is made from fabric inspired by Och’s “Verdant” painting, a two panel piece of acrylic paint and highly texturized mixed media on canvas.

Amazing yes?

This dress is part of their Madison Collection, which is described as a collection of ‘modern chic looks’. It retails…wait for it…for only $49.95 (but at the time of this writing, it’s on sale for $39.96!).

For ideas on how to dress down or accessorize The Marlena Dress, go here.

So the next time you see a beautiful room or a beautiful painting, see how you could incorporate those color schemes into your own wardrobe. Style should be fun. Getting dressed every morning should be really fun!

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