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“The Pulse, is a Tribute to Life” | Custom Artwork by Jennifer Rae Ochs

Custom Commission Project | Jennifer Rae Ochs Fine Art

A childhood best friend of mine would always say, “One day, your artwork will surround me”. Decades later, that day arrived…
The purpose of this custom commission was so profound to both her and I, one day the extended story could appear in my book, for today, here’s the short version.
There are times, life is filled with joy, but at times, life is cruel. This dear soul had a series a medical procedures, her directive was made clear.
“Jennifer, my desire, my fierce desire, is for you to create a piece of artwork, that when I see it, when I feel it, it will remind me why I’m fighting for my f*#^!-in’ life.
A piece that encompasses the extreme emotion and depth of this moment, as I find myself on my knee’s, artwork that provides me with a bold respite”.
We spoke last week for a couple hours, she’s recuperating at home, counting her blessings, re-examining life, in her comfy chair, with time to stare at her painting. She explains, in her unique way, that The Pulse, to her, is a tribute to life!
We had some difficult conversations, acknowledging that the lessons learned during such challenges, the kind that turn life upside down, is an artform in itself; deciphering whether we choose to use it for good or whether to turn away, bury it, and remain stagnant. “It is a privilege to breathe, we are here to create profound connections”. She and I also decided there is an urgent need for each of us, all of humanity, to look deeply, and learn to forgive oneself, in hopes, we peoples of the world can become more capable of forgiving one another.

The Pulse #1
2 Panel Piece, 72 x 72 x 1.5 inches total
72 x 36 x 1.5 inches / each panel
Mixed Media, Acrylics on Canvas
Contemporary Artist, Jennifer Rae Ochs specializes in custom made artwork for any space. Her dynamic, one-of-a-kind, mixed media, acrylics on canvas paintings have hundreds of layers; sculptural texture, utilizing 30+ mixed media elements,  and dozens of application tools, and techniques. Her artwork interacts with light, offering a dazzling experience. To view more examples, we invite you to visit our Gallery Page. For custom commission project inquires, email us direct at Jennifer has decades of experience, working direct with discerning clients, is happy to answer questions, and further explore special projects.
Each custom project is an honor, a new experimental adventure to shake things up with renewed intention to create one of a kind uniqueness in harmony with the collector’s environment, bringing forth the Spirit of the Space. – Jennifer Rae Ochs

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