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This past year has offered us all additional time for reflection…

War Memorial of Korea, Seoul, South Korea

This past year has offered us all some additional time for reflection.

I’ve always been fond of revisiting travel photos, it’s a favorite past time, therapeutic as of late 🙂

Travel & photography, like my classical piano practice, was the true catalyst of my artistic journey, and creative expression.

Given many years of travel to Seoul, for various art exhibitions, this allowed the grand opportunity to invest myself into a focused interest of historical exploration, observation, understanding, and documentation. Experience is priceless. I desire to gain understanding from our vast history, and value how we benefit from a deeper knowledge of it.

Cheers to us, who choose exploration and joy, however we find it, while maintaining an eagerness to create renewed purpose, and plan for future moments of personal growth.

I Find Beautiful.

The world is an infinite canvas open and waiting. – Jennifer Rae Ochs


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