Today's Entry, I Find Beautiful, Romance is Alive! (Demo) - Jennifer Rae Ochs

Today’s Entry, I Find Beautiful, Romance is Alive! (Demo)

Standard operating procedure, I awoke, rolled left to grab my crack berry, to discover this email from a BFF

whose been traveling through Europe, currently in Paris with her significant other of nearly a decade. 

Below email…slow and steady wins the race, I love you W & D, celebrations are awaiting here in Los Angeles,
I am honored and accept, as long as I can wear a beautiful dress and hold a flower. Below email…

Hi Rae!
How are you? I miss you, am thinking of you!
We are having a great time in Paris, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and 
saw all the impressionist at the Musee d'orsay, amazing. Going to Versallies 
today. D asked me to marry him, at the top of the Eiffel and we decided to do it 
here in France. Just a ceremony for us then we will make it official in the states.
Will you be my witness?
Hope you are well. Have had no time to post any pics on line will do it when we 
get home.
Love you,

 Hey W, this is for you…HAHA…get up and shake that ass…love you too, so much!