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JRO BeachJennifer Rae Ochs was born and raised in Minnesota. As a young adult Ochs began to experiment with sculpture, photography and mixed media. Painting with acrylics rapidly emerged as her favored medium of expression.

JRO borrowed from her training as a classical pianist in developing her discipline as a visual artist. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in 1997, JRO immediately embarked on a journey to Europe and ended up traversing five continents over the next three years, before settling in Los Angeles, CA to begin her career as a visual artist.

JRO had her first Gallery showing in 2004 at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. She was invited to present ten paintings the majority of which sold opening night. Following her success at Bergamot Station JRO was invited to show her work at several notable galleries throughout Southern California.

In 2006 JRO began to establish an international presence with an invite to show at the Sejong Museum of Art, in Seoul, South Korea. JRO represented the United States in a global ensemble of emerging artists for the museum show “Today and Tomorrow”. JRO fell in love with South Korea and the feeling was mutual. She received more than a dozen invitations to show her work in and around the capitol. While in Seoul, JRO participated in cultural exchanges promoting peace and friendship between nations through the international language of art.

JRO’s passion for travel continued with sojourns to the Middle East, South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. The places she visited served as muse to create “collections” inspired by landscapes, architecture, culture and the people of each time and place.

In 2013 JRO began exhibiting in various art festivals bringing her one-of-a-kind artwork to art lovers all over the western United States. Invites to notable shows in California such as Beverly Hills Art Show, La Quinta, Sausalito, also, Artfair Jackson Hole, WY, Carefree Fine Art and Wine Festival, AZ, and a host of locations throughout the region, garnered art collectors far and wide.

As a multi-media artist JRO founded Rae Art Enterprises to further explore her passion for visual expression. JRO ART Design Studio emerged as a part of RAE, a design studio dedicated to the creation of wearable art, travel collections, home décor, and accessories, created to ignite the imagination of discerning souls. JRO ART enthusiastically embraces a wide array of opportunities, including licensing ventures, expanding her artistry across various products and collaborations.

In 2023, JRO ART partnered with Evolve Systems to create a custom textile design with intent to style the team with company branded wearables, more inspired than the standard swag. JRO ART has collaborated with many brands; ExpressionMed, New York & Company, and Shoe Dazzle. Her work has been seen in the pages of People Magazine, and shared across social media amongst Hollywood A-Listers. Project Liaison by JRO, creates an opportunity for artist and collector to collaborate in creating commissioned statement artwork of profound significance and inspiration to both artist and collector. While Project JPS utilizes technology with 3D animation synthesis of color and texture to create imagery for use in various art and commercial mediums.

Jennifer Rae Ochs bears witness to the world and herself, and renders the complexity of both in vibrant abstraction. A celebrator of life, JRO illustrates her story with color and texture, her body of work is a wild confessional tethered by the truth of her experience and the discipline of her craft. JRO creates a visual story, grounded in reality and spirited by possibility.

JRO ART is exhibited and collected globally, and creates original artwork for private collectors, public art, hospitality art, and corporate collections. JRO and her work can be seen at art festivals, galleries and museums.

The fine artist and designer indulges her passion for adventure travel whenever possible and remains dedicated to the study of classical piano. Jennifer has been based in Los Angeles since 2000 and now divides her time between the LA studio, the lakes of Minnesota and travel for her art exhibition tours.

Galloping horseback. Pursued by a wild bull at 17,000 feet elevation; I’m just 2 hours South of Quito. Entranced by the Andes, at full stride I ascend the eastern flank of the Parque Nacional Cotopaxi. My windstorm of momentum is halted by the contact with intimate eyes that suspend me deep in my creative conscious. The pack of wild horses spooked and I gave chase to indulged enticement. This is why I create.

My work is a celebration of moments in time. I revel in conflict amid conviction. Resolution is found in the creative process. Texture becomes solution, color stages revolution. Raw emotion invites me to the canvas. Strokes are felt long after the brush is laid to rest. I check the canvas for a pulse and dig the vibrations.

I was three when my first love arrived. I watched in awe not knowing that the medium grand Wurlitzer was to be mine. Classical piano, my first creative outlet offered a source of technical movement. My musical study creates freedom and balance in my artwork. My love for the masters taught me to transcend technique, and expand my vision of expression. Like painting playing piano is a catalyst to the sensual world. Both disciplines demand the five senses attention, as I relate; sound to color, passion to movement, and reaction to process.

The personal vs. universal truth is discovered in culture, realized in travel and developed in the necessary love that is free will. The world is an infinite canvas open and waiting. The complexities of illumination vs. exploration are rendered in strokes as I travel the globe. These unique people of our shared world resonate.

And my heart was captured by my third love… Painting for me is not an exercise in randomness but rather an endeavor to shine light. I am interested in things that are beautiful, aesthetic delights. During the creative process, I focus on the impact of experience; less interested in the aggregate truth. I rarely approach the canvas with a sense of direction, rather I understand illumination can exist over time, and the movements forward reveal my history. In my constant state of communication, complex textures emerge. Pursuit creates momentum and yields revelation. I appreciate the structure of time and celebrate disorder.

The living power of art is humanity. It arouses and confounds. Each canvas a magnetic pull to the beings, the forces of nature that shift perspectives and create new realities, for this journey I thank you. Witnessing the discovery of my work by another who feels my passion and desires to possess it, bathes me in moonlight. You are my friends, my collectors, my spheres of influence and I am honored.

To my muse, who afford me a glorious space in time. You are the angels I have encountered, and those yet to be revealed. I treasure the holistic relationship we share artist and muse. Inspiration comes to fruition. I hold this influence close.

– Jennifer Rae Ochs

Ansan International Art Fair, Ansan, South Korea (September 2018)

Art Angels Gallery, Los Angeles and Miami (2018)

Spirit of Art, Los Angeles, CA (March 2018)

Art Angels Gallery, Los Angeles (2017)

Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea (May 2017)

Art Angels Gallery, Los Angeles (2016)

Daejeon International Art Fair, Daejeon, South Korea (November 2016)

Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea (May 2016)

Art Angels Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2016)

AD Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA (2016)

Daejeon International Art Fair, Daejeon, South Korea (November 2015)

Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea (April 2015)

Art Angels Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2015)

AD Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA (2015)

Ibero-American Art Fair Seoul, Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, South Korea (December 2014)

Daejeon International Art Show, Korean Trade Exhibition Center, Daejeon, South Korea (December 2014)

Korea International Culture Art Festival, Seoul Trade Exhibition & Convention Center, Seoul (July 2014)

Steinway & Sons Exhibit and Collaboration, La Jolla, California (2014)
AD Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA (2014)

Sejong Museum of Art,”Goodmorning GwaangHwa”, Seoul, South Korea (May 2014)

Daegu University, Kyungbuk Design Center, “2013 International Exchange Exhibit”, South Korea (January 2013)

Primavera Gallery, “Small Works Holiday Exhibit”, Ojai, CA (December 2013)

Ibero-American Art Fair Seoul, Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum (October 2013)

The Joneses LA, West Hollywood, CA (2013-Present)
AD Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA (2013)

BMW, Beverly Hills, CA (August and September 2013)

Gallery Bellarte, Seoul, South Korea (2013-Present)

Sejong Museum of Art, “Goodmorning GwaangHwa”, Seoul, South Korea (April 2013)

Hancock University, “Hybrid Globalization”, Long Beach, CA (2013)

Visual Arts Gallery, International Market Square, Minneapolis, MN (2012-Present)

Little Tokyo Galleria, Los Angeles, CA (2011)

Wildfire Studios, Los Angeles, CA (2011)

Visual Arts Gallery, International Market Square, Minneapolis, MN (2010)

Collector’s Circle Soiree’, Los Angeles, CA (2009)

Collector’s Circle Soiree’, Los Angeles, CA (2008)

M.J. Higgins Fine Art, “Celebrated Moments”, Los Angeles, CA (2007)

LA Municipal Barnsdall Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2007)

Chase Mitchell Gallery, Santa Ana, CA (2006)

LA Weekly Detour Music Festival, Los Angeles, CA (2006)

Caltrans Plaza, “Autumn Lights”, Los Angeles, CA (2006)

Black Cat Gallery, Culver City, CA (2006)

BGH Gallery, Bergamot Station, “IForward”, Santa Monica, CA (2005)

Sejong Museum of Art, “Today & Tomorrow”, Seoul, South Korea (2005)

LALA Land Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2005)

BGH Gallery, Bergamot Station, “Emerging Intent”, Santa Monica, CA (2004)