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Virtual Private Exhibits

Introducing Virtual Private Exhibits by JRO™ (VPE by JRO™)


I’ve created VPE by JRO™ to provide you the next level collector’s experience. It is time for us to find beautiful.

On a one-on-one exclusive video conference, I will be presenting and sharing my JRO Art from my Los Angeles Studio while you are in the comfort of your safe home.

I am excited to show you new original artwork!
Let’s discover together that special piece for your space.
Ready for an art commission?

How does this work?
We jump on a 15 minutes consulting phone call to identify your project, and curate art pieces of your preference for your exclusive VPE by JRO™.

Schedule your VPE by JRO™ now, limited presentations.

Available on: Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Virtual Private Exhibits by JRO™

Schedule 15 Minute Consulting Call