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ART Rental, Collabs & Licensing

Life has presented me with beautiful people and opportunities. After decades of creative and professional development, I am eager to bring this strength to all our endeavors. With a proven track record of successfully collaborating with significant clients, customizing visions, and delivering results, my commitment is unwavering.

Rental & Purchase: Jennifer Rae Ochs offers cleared art rentals for productions across various industries. JRO’s original works have appeared in film, television, and commercial productions, as well as in ready-to-wear couture, interior design, real estate staging, and hospitality, etc. The JRO ART Collections feature acrylic and mixed media, 3D, light interactive paintings on stretched and loose canvas, available in a variety of dimensions. Our one-of-a-kind collections include; contemporary art, modern art, abstract paintings, minimalism, black and white art, color field art, collage art, diptychs and triptychs. Conveniently located in Hollywood, CA, pick up or delivery, worldwide shipping available.

Custom Commission & Art Consulting: Custom commission projects are welcome! JRO offers art consulting services and collaborates with creative professionals to develop original artwork that enhances character, storyline, and art direction on set.

Collaborations & Licensing: As a multi-media artist JRO founded Rae Art Enterprises to further explore her passion for visual expression. JRO ART Design Studio emerged as a part of RAE, a design studio dedicated to the creation of wearable art, travel collections, home décor, and accessories, created to ignite the imagination of discerning souls. JRO ART enthusiastically embraces a wide array of opportunities, including licensing ventures, expanding her artistry across various products and collaborations. Collaborating with JRO ART in licensing and partnerships provides a unique opportunity to bring vibrant, original art into various projects.  JRO ART’s expertise extends across multiple industries making a versatile and innovative partner. The passion for creative collaboration and commitment to excellence make working with JRO ART an inspiring experience.

Notable Projects, Collaborations & Partnerships: JRO ART X Gabrielle Union X New York & Company, JRO ART X Shoe Dazzle X Kim Kardashian, JRO ART X Dexter, JRO ART X Fendi Casa X Art Angels Gallery, JRO ART X ExpressionMed, JRO ART X EVOLVE SYSTEMS, and JRO ART X OMNI Hotels & Resorts.

For additional information regarding JRO ART rental, collaboration, licensing, or special project inquiries, please contact us directly at 323-497-4822 or via email.

JRO ART X Gab Union X New York & Company

JRO’s one-of-a-kind paintings take center stage in the launch of the collaboration between Gabriel Union and New York & Company.

Artist Jennifer Rae Ochs and Gabrielle Union and NY & CO
People Magazine, Jennifer Rae Ochs, JRO ART, Gab Union

People Magazine featuring JRO ART by Jennifer Rae Ochs, Gabrielle Union, and New York & Company.

Collaboration JRO ART by Jennifer Rae Ochs and Gab Union
JRO ART, Jennifer Rae Ochs, Gab Union, Collaboration

JRO ART X Shoe Dazzle X Kim Kardashian

JRO ART collaborated closely with the executive and design teams to develop a bespoke fabric design for an artful dress launch. Furthermore, JRO played a key role in the design and grand opening of the Shoe Dazzle Design Studio, creating a custom mural and numerous original paintings for the space. When the dress “went live”, Kim Kardashian (Co-Owner), tweeted and the dress sold out, immediately.

Shoe Dazzle Lobby, JRO ART by Jennifer Rae Ochs

Building strong relationships and fostering trust is crucial. Recognizing this, the executive team expanded the project, leading JRO to craft a remarkable 15-foot wall mural and produce numerous paintings for the design studio.

Collaboration Jennifer Rae Ochs, JRO ART, Shoe Dazzle, Kim Kardashian
Collaboration, JRO ART, Shoe Dazzle Dress, Kim Kardashian

Engaging in custom design, JRO transformed an existing painting to craft a design that aligned seamlessly with the project’s vision, as envisioned by the design team.


The placement of my original art into Dexter Season 6 was an exhilarating manifestation! The story behind it all is so magnificent, one day I will share. Such epic entertainment, amazing production design by Jessica Kender, and our beloved characters. Thanks Michael C Hall!  Visit instagram video here.

JRO ART Collaboration with Dexter, Michael C Hall

JRO ART X Fendi Casa X Art Angels Gallery

The collaboration between JRO ART, Fendi Casa, and Art Angels Gallery represents a fusion of unique artistry, luxury design, and prestigious curation. JRO ART’s one-of-a-kind paintings bring vibrant creativity and originality, perfectly complementing Fendi Casa’s sophisticated and elegant design aesthetic. Art Angels Gallery, known for showcasing cutting-edge contemporary art, provides the ideal platform for this partnership, highlighting the synergy between fine art and high-end design.

JRO ART, Fendi Casa, Art Angels Gallery Collaboration

JRO ART X ExpressionMed

JRO ART is bonkers-thrilled to announce our partnership with ExpressionMed, a company dedicated to creating medical grade adhesive tapes to wear over continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and insulin pumps to keep devices secure during wear time for diabetic devices. Introducing, Ascendant, The Rise by JRO ART.

Artist Designer Jennifer Rae Ochs collaborates with ExpressionMed Diabetes Device
ExpressionMed and Jennifer Rae Ochs

JRO ART X EVOLVE SYSTEMS, Custom Design collaboration

JRO ART partnered with Evolve Systems’ CEO to create a custom design that aligned with the company’s 21st anniversary rebranding initiative.

“She created a casual luxury print, beautiful and inspiring that encompassed our brand colors, elevating my wardrobe for business and beyond.”

…we collaborated with Jennifer to serve an untapped market we know too well – women in business. How can we help women feel confident representing their brand in professional settings? Traditional corporate swag items seem to stop at logo-printed polos and button-downs. I don’t know about you, but that look doesn’t make me feel my best, and it certainly isn’t how I’d like to fill my professional wardrobe. Women often dress for women, and most basic branded attire ends up in a landfill for lacking style and fit.

We knew there was a better way, so I sent Jennifer our brand standards guide, wished her a wonderful creative time, and let her manifest the Evolve brand as a casual luxury print. She created something beautiful and inspiring that encompassed our brand colors while elevating my wardrobe beyond my wildest expectations – for business and beyond. Read more from Evolve Systems here. To view The Evolve Collection, please visit our Shop Page.

Evolve Systems Partnership with JRO ART
Evolve Systems Partnership with JRO ART
Occasional Chair, The Evolve Collection by JRO ART, Jennifer Rae Ochs
The Evolve Collection, JRO ART Travel Suitcase
the evolve collection by jro art

Make change, be inspired, take a chance, stay consistent, love yourself and others. Be Willing To Be Magnificent!

-Jennifer Rae Ochs

Jennifer Rae Ochs Brand Photo