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Partner: Evolve Systems: An agency creating business solutions for the digital world.

Art Consultant: http://corporateartforce.com/

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Art Gallery and Art Consultant: http://www.artclientservices.com

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Art Gallery and Consultant: http://visualartsltd.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

Liaison by JRO

Participate in the creative process

Art Commissions and Art Gifting

Excellent, please contact me directly, I am happy to forward my most recent portfolio!

Jennifer loves to create commissioned work for her collectors! Introducing Liaison by JRO, an Interactive Art Experience. Now you can participate in the creative process, whether art commission or art gifting.

Occasionally JRO is asked if she can reproduce an original painting that has already been sold. This is not possible, as each piece is 100% original! However, Jennifer is happy to discuss aesthetics, color palette and many styles of expression to determine your project vision and goals.

Commission Terms: After discussing what you are looking for in your original acrylic/mixed media painting, a price will be agreed upon, as well as, overall terms of agreement.  A 50% down payment will be collected, at which point, JRO will begin the creation process.

The painting process can take 4-12 weeks, depending on  project and schedule.

Once the painting is completed, JRO will send you a photo of the completed painting for your review. The final payment will be due upon completion. The goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your original JRO, so the artist agrees to re-paint the artwork once, if necessary.

Jennifer Rae Ochs has also completed many Corporate Art Commission Projects, please contact her directly to further discuss.

Yes, I am fortunate to have collaborated with many brilliant production designers/art departments, Showtime’s DEXTER to be one recent project.

You can contact Jennifer Rae Ochs by using our contact form or emailing her directly at jro@jenniferraeochs.com

Jennifer accepts payments through Sterling Payment Technologies mobile merchant processing system, and accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa & Discover.  Jennifer can also send you an invoice through PayPal if you prefer.

Checks and money orders are also accepted.

Please let me know where you are located, I will provide you with necessary information, whether Gallery or Art Festival.

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

I have been painting for 25+ years.