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Just off the easel, The Ascendant Collection by JRO ART

Just Off the Easel, The Ascendant Collection by JRO ART

Fun, Fresh, Bright, Bold, and Expressionistic, The Ascendant Collection utilizes a diverse palette of colors, and hundreds of paint layers, creating a richness, hugely dimensional, nuanced experience, creating visual impact, evoking a range of sensations, from joy and excitement to melancholy and contemplation.

Artwork inside your workspace, home office or actual office, has a positive impact by creating a more visually stimulating and engaging environment. Studies have shown that incorporating art in the workplace can increase productivity, creativity, job satisfaction, pride, enhancing the overall well-being of the team and contribute to a more enjoyable and productive work environment.

Is it time to liven up your creative space?

The Ascendant Collection by Jennifer Rae Ochs

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The Ascendant Collection by JRO ART

The concept and inspiration of “Ascendant” embodies the essence of growth, evolution, and rising above challenges. It represents a transformative journey, where individuals or ideas ascend to new heights, transcending limitations and embracing their full potential. This notion encapsulates the human spirit’s inherent drive to reach for the stars, to overcome obstacles, and to strive for greatness. Whether applied to personal development, societal progress, or artistic expression, the concept of Ascendant resonates as a symbol of unwavering determination and the continuous pursuit of excellence. It encapsulates the belief that through dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to embrace change, one can ascend beyond perceived boundaries and soar to new horizons of achievement and fulfillment.

Colorful Artwork

Colorful artwork is a vivid tapestry of emotions, ideas, and sensations woven together through a rich spectrum of hues. It captures the essence of life’s vibrancy, using a symphony of colors to evoke profound feelings and visual delight. Each stroke of color on the canvas holds the power to ignite joy, spark curiosity, or provoke introspection. Colorful artwork has an enchanting ability to transcend language, communicating directly with the heart and soul. It reflects the artist’s palette of emotions and creativity, inviting viewers to embark on a captivating journey of interpretation and connection. Whether depicting landscapes that mirror the kaleidoscope of nature or abstract compositions that challenge perceptions, colorful artwork adds a radiant dimension to our world, infusing spaces with energy, warmth, and an ever-changing sense of wonder.


Expressionistic art is a captivating visual language that unleashes raw emotions and unfiltered human experiences onto the canvas. Characterized by bold brushstrokes, intense colors, and distorted forms, expressionism is a liberating departure from realism, embracing the inner turmoil, and passions of the artist. It offers a profound insight into the artist’s psyche, inviting viewers to journey through a world where subjectivity reigns supreme. In this genre, the canvas becomes a stage for the artist’s emotional symphony, where each stroke of paint echoes the rhythm of their heart. Expressionistic art transcends the boundaries of convention, urging us to explore the depths of our own feelings and connect with the universal human condition in all its complexities.

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