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The Blue Collection, Collector love letters by JRO

Collector Love Letters by JRO, San Diego, California!

Remember that cancelled San Diego Art Festival in September, due to the Mexico Hurricane? I love my art collectors …

The year prior, I met this lovely woman (along with her Mother), she visited my exhibit booth both days, at the time, she acquired a couple of pieces, starting her JRO Art Collection.

When I blasted out the show cancellation announcement, I received a text …

“Hi There! Are you doing any San Diego shows soon? If not, can I take a picture of the wall where we would love to place a painting? Than you could send me pics of what you may have?”

This text I received on September 16th, led to the most prolific, four week, text exchange of my career 🙂 There was a lot to shift thru, but her clarity allowed us to immediately eliminate some options, and steer us onto a clear path.

She sent a video, walking thru space, explaining the logistics; wall options, wall dimensions, bed & furniture dimensions, and the freshly painted wall/ceiling color. It was at this time she also explained this “new space” is her Fathers Bedroom, as he just recently relocated, next door. She explained the desire to create a peaceful, “calming vibes” for her Father.

With this helpful explanation video, I began to text over videos of existing work, in various dimensions, color schemes, proposing various ideas. She did some additional measuring, communicated she was interested in artwork that was “completed and ready to hang”, versus considering a custom project.

Back and forth we go, for weeks, exchanging videos, questions, design contemplations, color combination considerations, etc.

As her vision began to solidify, I too was able to find myself, with her, on the same page. Eventually decision time arrived.

My travel schedule was bonkers, she wanted the artwork on her walls, gratefully, after discussing delivery options, we were able to identify an opportunity for us to meet, during her “work trip to LA”.

After this career epic text exchange, she and I created our masterplan.

I packed the “JRO ART Wagon” with the 3 pieces she decided on (I also packed additional paintings that had been considered, just to be sure). I rolled over to Beverly Hills, to meet at the hotel valet. I arrived, parked off to the side, and began to empty vehicle, handing her a flashlight (it was 8pm), she reviewed all the paintings, decided on the three intended pieces, requested the valet to retrieve her vehicle, and we packed the car!

This was this day I learned the full story.

Her Father is now living next door, he is battling Alzheimer’s, she will now caretake for her beloved Father, and be present during this process. As she was creating his new space, she wanted to surround him with color, beautiful, and calming vibes, in hopes to keep him activated, and at peace.

Love is a beautiful thing. She and I were able to celebrate Fathers.

As I rolled out of the valet, I declared, “It may take me some time to adjust NOT texting you, I believe I sent you the most videos yet to date”, we laughed …

Thank you J, it was an absolute pleasure XO

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