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Redesigned Website | JRO ART

JRO ART by Jennifer Rae Ochs

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, showcasing a fresh and modern look.

Our Home Page redesign breathes new life into our website, boasting a sleek and contemporary design, seamless access to our online art gallery, shop page, blog updates, social media integration, offering improved site navigation.

We are delighted to unveil additional website updates; immerse yourself in our Look Book, now available on our Shop Page, explore our Gallery Page enriched with new, one-of-a-kind artworks, indulge in our video collection showcased on our Videos Page.

On a personal note, it was approximately 23+ years ago when I found myself standing in my brother-in-law’s garage in Minnesota. It was there, amidst that moment, that I boldly announced my decision to embark on a journey to Los Angeles, where I would lay the foundation for my art career. Coincidentally, at the same time, my Superstar CEO Sister and Brother-in-Law were busy nurturing the growth of Evolve Systems.

Not long after the move to LA, my brother-in-law surprised me by crafting my very first website, essentially, it was my name spinning around with some splashy graphics. With minimal artwork in existence at that time, it stood as a promising groundwork, ready to be built upon.

Reflecting on this journey, the launch of this current website redesign encapsulates the culmination of a 23+ year project, leaving me astounded as I ponder the immense amount of creative time, unwavering dedication, the embrace of resilience, willingness to fail, and heartfelt passion that have brought me to this present moment. The “brother-in-law, garage conversation” became a pivotal moment, an experience that he and I shared and cherish.

Discover the enhanced experience, as we warmly invite you to explore our revamped website,!

With heartfelt gratitude, thank you, enjoy!


JRO ART Garage


JRO ART by Jennifer Rae Ochs

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