Statement Art by JRO ART, “Collector Love Letters by JRO”, New Jersey!

Collector Love Letters by JRO

NEW JERSEY! (Custom Commission artwork video, and installation pic below).

How is it possible I continue to meet the best of the best?

This husband / wife duo were vacationing in California, visiting their daughter, enjoying the outdoors, and stumbled upon my artwork.

I could see their brains calculating, as they viewed my one-of-a-kind paintings.

We discussed a couple of wall locations, which they felt it was time, “to get serious”, about completing their “home vision”, desiring “something special.”

The living room fire place wall, or the dining room?

They were deeply attracted to The Bronze Collection, but needed to complete their vacation, enjoy their daughter, return home safe, and measure some walls.

Upon their return to New Jersey, they texted over several interior images, with corresponding wall dimensions. Once seeing their curated space, it was no wonder they gravitated to The Bronze Collection, their home was warm and lovely, just like this new collection of work.

The first decision to be made was, “which statement wall is the priority?” Very quickly, the three of us determined the Living Room, Fireplace Statement Wall would be the focus.

We re-visited The Bronze Collection piece they viewed in person. Established the correct canvas dimension of 36 x 60 inches, given the vaulted walls, and sloped ceiling. At this point, I secured a shipping quote, with my trusted fine art shipping partner, discussed color palette, pricing, timeline, and logistics.

As with all Custom Commission Projects, trust in one another, is key. They trusted me, “to create something special”, and I trusted them to “fall in love with their unique piece”. This power duo were intentional, communicative, open to ideas, and willing to flesh things out. It was clear to me, they were naturally inspired, evident by their enthusiasm, after all, the secret to creating a naturally inspired life, and environment, is curating your life with valuable memories, and things to love.

Thank you D & B, such a pleasure!

This concludes, this segment of, “Collector Love Letters by JRO.”


Each custom project is an honor, a new experimental adventure to shake things up with renewed intention to create one of a kind uniqueness in harmony with the collector’s environment, bringing forth the Spirit of the Space.  – Jennifer Rae Ochs

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Galloping horseback. Pursued by a wild bull at 17,000 feet elevation; I’m just 2 hours South of Quito. Entranced by the Andes, at full stride I ascend the eastern flank of the Parque Nacional Cotopaxi. My windstorm of momentum is halted by the contact with intimate eyes that suspend me deep in my creative conscious. The pack of wild horses spooked and I gave chase to indulged enticement. This is why I create.

My work is a celebration of moments in time. I revel in conflict amid conviction. Resolution is found in the creative process. Texture becomes solution, color stages revolution. Raw emotion invites me to the canvas. Strokes are felt long after the brush is laid to rest. I check the canvas for a pulse and dig the vibrations.

I was three when my first love arrived. I watched in awe not knowing that the medium grand Wurlitzer was to be mine. Classical piano, my first creative outlet offered a source of technical movement. My musical study creates freedom and balance in my artwork. My love for the masters taught me to transcend technique, and expand my vision of expression. Like painting playing piano is a catalyst to the sensual world. Both disciplines demand the five senses attention, as I relate; sound to color, passion to movement, and reaction to process.

The personal vs. universal truth is discovered in culture, realized in travel and developed in the necessary love that is free will. The world is an infinite canvas open and waiting. The complexities of illumination vs. exploration are rendered in strokes as I travel the globe. These unique people of our shared world resonate.

And my heart was captured by my third love… Painting for me is not an exercise in randomness but rather an endeavor to shine light. I am interested in things that are beautiful, aesthetic delights. During the creative process, I focus on the impact of experience; less interested in the aggregate truth. I rarely approach the canvas with a sense of direction, rather I understand illumination can exist over time, and the movements forward reveal my history. In my constant state of communication, complex textures emerge. Pursuit creates momentum and yields revelation. I appreciate the structure of time and celebrate disorder.

The living power of art is humanity. It arouses and confounds. Each canvas a magnetic pull to the beings, the forces of nature that shift perspectives and create new realities, for this journey I thank you. Witnessing the discovery of my work by another who feels my passion and desires to possess it, bathes me in moonlight. You are my friends, my collectors, my spheres of influence and I am honored.

To my muse, who afford me a glorious space in time. You are the angels I have encountered, and those yet to be revealed. I treasure the holistic relationship we share artist and muse. Inspiration comes to fruition. I hold this influence close. – Jennifer Rae Ochs

Installation Photo

Artist Jennifer Rae Ochs Statement Art

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