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Statement Art by Jennifer Rae Ochs

Statement Art by Jennifer Rae Ochs

Jennifer Rae Ochs bares witness to the world and herself. She renders the complexity

of both in vibrant abstraction. A celebrator of life, JRO illustrates her story with color and

texture. Her body of work is a wild confessional tethered only by the truth of her

experience, and the discipline of her craft. JRO creates a duplicitous visual story,

grounded in reality and spirited by possibility. JRO ART is exhibited and collected



JRO is a multi-dimensional visual artist working in several mediums. At the heart of

JRO’s work is mixed media, acrylics on canvas. JRO creates original artwork for private

collectors, public art, hospitality art, and corporate collections. JRO and her work can be

seen at art festivals, in galleries and museums.


The fine artist indulges her passion for adventure travel whenever possible and remains

dedicated to the study of classical piano. Jennifer has been based in Los Angeles since

2000 and now divides her time between the LA studio, and travel for her art exhibition


The Fathom Collection
72 x 48 x 1.5 inches
Mixed Media, Acrylics on Canvas

black, brass, silver artwork jennifer rae ochs



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