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The Coastal Collection by Jennifer Rae Ochs

Introducing The Coastal Collection by JRO ART

The Coastal Collection by Artist Jennifer Rae Ochs

I’ve been day dreaming about my Coastal Collection for years…

Whether seaside, lakeside, riverside, or mountainside, Coastal is not just about a specific location by the water, but rather, it represents a certain emotional perspective and way of life. It’s about bringing the beauty of nature inside and embracing a breezy, carefree energy. Coastal design is all about creating a connection to the natural world and incorporating its unsaturated, stunning colors into your home and lifestyle. It’s a state of mind that values relaxation and ease.

Coastal, to me, is about atmosphere and the sense of peace that comes from being close to water. Growing up in Minnesota, I was fortunate enough to be raised in a family home on the lake, which offered endless opportunities for outdoor fun no matter the season. Although the temperamental waterfront weather kept us on our toes, we kids loved every minute of it. We were surrounded by water, with 10,000 lakes and an abundance of trees and open sky providing a beautiful playground.

Now residing in California, the concept of Coastal has evolved even further, thanks in part to the awe-inspiring power of the Pacific Ocean. The natural elements of surf, sand, sun, and sky have brought a new intensity to my life and allowed me to deeply reflect on the beauty of the natural world. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure to experience the diverse and stunning California Golden Coast, the shifting tides have become a part of me.

I’m excited to create this new collection of original paintings and curious to watch it develop over time. I can also envision this as another new beginning, possibly as a textile design for The Occasional Chair and JRO Wearable Art!

As I was finishing up this long anticipated, intentional piece of art, I was chatting with a dear friend on the phone and shared a short video of the new work.

Moments later I received this response…I breathe the salt air before I see the waves. The light dazzles me. I am drowning myself in the abundance of sense. The colors in the abalone shell create a dance of wonder and excitement. The sea embraces me with liquid beauty.


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Each custom project is an honor, a new experimental adventure to shake things up with renewed intention to create one of a kind uniqueness in harmony with the collector’s environment, bringing forth the Spirit of the Space. – Jennifer Rae Ochs

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