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The Rae of Light Collection | JRO ART

The Rae of Light Collection by Jennifer Rae Ochs
Introducing The Rae of Light Collection

Amid life’s journey, there persists a timeless pursuit of optimism, a relentless quest to unveil the silver linings within every cloud. It is in this search for the ray of light that we discover the power of resilience and perspective. For it is in the moments of uncertainty that we are challenged to dig deeper, to find within ourselves, and beyond, the strength to keep moving forward. Embracing a hopeful mindset allows us to navigate the darkest of storms with unwavering determination, knowing that beyond the clouds lies the promise of brighter days ahead.

The Rae of Light Collection, a manifestation of my expressionistic style, with a playful and colorful palette, brought to life through the dynamic use of deft strokes of the palette knife, embodies a loose, free-flowing nature that resonates with the lighter side of life.

This collection, captures the essence of optimism. Through this collection, I invite viewers a glimpse into a world where every stroke is a celebration of life’s beauty and the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, illuminating the path toward brighter horizons.

Collector Love Letters by JRO

Five years ago, I completed a stunning custom piece for a woman in Palm Desert. This project held special significance as I had the opportunity to visit her home, receiving the opportunity to comprehend her on a deeper level, and gaining insight into her carefully curated, tranquil home aesthetic.

Recently, we reconnected, prompting another visit to her residence.

During our discussion, she expressed a desire for vibrancy, a departure from her curated space, shaking things up, for a statement wall that had remained bare for years, yet occupied a prominent position within her home. We visited my website and she identified what she was thinking.

Our connection goes beyond artist and client; we share a bond forged through conversations about a deep shared love; global travel, as well as the profound life experiences that have shaped us. When two individuals come together and openly share the transformative moments that have shaped their lives, not as a mere outpouring of emotions, but as a wellspring of truth and inspiration, these are the moments to cherish. It’s incredible how experiences of both love and loss can refine our sense of self and enrich our existence, empowering us to empathize with and uplift others in turn.

Upon presenting the completed Rae of Light, it took merely 2 seconds for her to enthusiastically express her love for it.

Subsequently, we found ourselves engaged in conversation for another 2 hours while seated on her sofa. At one juncture, I glanced up and noticed the ample wall space above the fireplace. “You know,” I suggested, “the piece could fit perfectly into that space, given its exact dimensions.” She shook her head and replied, “No, no, no, Rae of Light was created and intended for the entryway. Perhaps next year, we will focus on that space.”


Each custom project is an honor, a new experimental adventure to shake things up with renewed intention to create one of a kind uniqueness in harmony with the collector’s environment, bringing forth the spirit of the space. Ultimately, our home is where our mind reflects, body rejuvenates, and spirit soars. – Jennifer Rae Ochs

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The Rae of Light Collection by Jennifer Rae Ochs

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